Multimedia Design

Multi-GHS YouTube Channel

Check out our YouTube Channel. You can search for Garretson Tech or Multi-GHS. The channel was started by the Multimedia class in 2019-2020. The class has come up with a lot of different content over the last few years. You will find fun videos such as taste testing teachers' desserts, The Whisper Challenge, and Random Questions. You can also find school content like Homecoming Highlights, American Education Week, or Academic Awards. The difference between this YouTube Channel and other school's channels is this is not JUST an events channel. The class creates all of the content and publishes the videos edited by students.

Garretson Tech YouTube

Blue Dragon Buzz Podcast

Podcasting has been getting more and more popular, especially with how easy it has become with different apps. The Multimedia class just started their own Podcast called the Blue Dragon Buzz, which can be found on all of your Podcast services such as Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, and many others. Some of the things you will hear are interviews with athletes, coaches, and teachers. You will also hear fun conversations that the class has as a group and fun segments. The multimedia class is in charge of creating all of the content and Mr. Schrank compiles all of the audio together and publishes the episodes. Check it out, you won't be disappointed.

We have currently started creating a visual for our Podcast in our classroom studio. So now you can get our Podcast on YouTube as well!

Blue Dragon Buzz Cover Art