2018-2019 School Board

Meetings are held in the school library on the second Monday of each month.

School Board Members: Tony Martens, Shannon Nordstrom (President), Rachel Hanisch, Ruth Sarar, Kari Flanigan (Vice President)

Contact Us:

Shannon Nordstrom (President): shannon.nordstrom@k12.sd.us

Kari Flanagan (Vice President): kari.flanagan@k12.sd.us

Tony Martens: tony.martens@k12.sd.us

Rachel Hanisch: rachel.hanisch@k12.sd.us

Ruth Sarar: ruth.sarar@k12.sd.us

School Board Election 2019

Two school board positions will be up for election on April 9, 2019. The two 3-year positions, with duties to be assumed in July 2019, will be vacant due to the expiration of the present terms of Rachel Hanisch – Three Year Term and Shannon Nordstrom – Three Year Term. Click here for more information.